We move into autumn with the month of September, and you can expect plenty of activity in this issue. Watch the Energizer Bunny keep going and going in a vintage ad. Make time for adventures on 60 Minutes, catch the waves on The Ultimate Surfer, and watch fast-paced cooking on Chopped. If you're not squeamish, check out the operating room activity on My Feet Are Killing Me.
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Emergency Broadband Benefit

Do You Need Assistance Paying Your Internet Bill?

There are currently multiple programs available for households who may need assistance. Each program has its own criteria and some households may qualify for one or both programs, significantly reducing the cost of your monthly bill.

1. Vermont Temporary Broadband Subsidy Program

The Temporary Broadband Subsidy is now open to Vermonters who qualify and may require assistance paying their monthly internet bill. This temporary relief program is managed by the State of Vermont and is open to award monthly "grants" or credits to your Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom bill to cover up to $40.00 per month on the Internet portion of your monthly bill. There is no guarantee that this program will continue after the December expiration date and the offer is only available while funds are available to cover these expenses.

For more information, program eligibility and to access the online application, visit the Vermont Temporary Broadband Subsidy Program website.

2. Emergency Broadband Benefit

The Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program is a new FCC program to help households struggling to pay for internet service during the pandemic. This temporary benefit will help families with challenges such as working from home, distance learning, telehealth services, or simply connecting digitally with loved ones.

The EBB will provide a discount of up to $50.00 per month towards broadband service for eligible households. The benefit is limited to one monthly service discount per household.

For more information and to apply, visit www.wcvt.com/ebb or call 800.496.3391.
Energizer BunnyTM Keeps Going and Going SEE IT HOP FROM AD TO AD here © 2000-2021 Energizer. Energizer, Energizer Bunny design, and certain graphic designs are trademarks of Energizer Brands, LLC and related subsidiaries.
###### - WATCH NOW Time for Bears, Robots, and
Rodeos on CBS' 60 Minutes

See humans and Grizzly bears coexist in Montana. Tour Boston Dynamics to watch the future's robots being built. Meet the Wrights, the family that dominates saddle bronc riding.

© 2021 ViacomCBS. All rights reserved.
The Ultimate Surfer Makes Waves on ABC ENJOY SAND, SURF, AND SUN here © 2021 ABC Entertainment
###### F ALT TAG ###### - WATCH NOW Not Everyone is Cut Out for
Food Network's Chopped

See the most impossible mystery basket ingredients and tour the set and pantry of the Chopped kitchen. Still hungry for more? Watch the "After Hours" show to hear the judges talk.

© Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.
My Feet Are Killing Me on TLC CAN SURGEONS FIX THESE FEET? FIND OUT here © 2021 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.
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