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For many households, this is "back to school" season. So, we decided to have the September TV eNewsletter feature all kinds of learning opportunities. On Worst Cooks in America, chefs teach struggling cooks how to successfully prepare meals. On Law & Order, you'll learn about police procedures and the legal process. Sports fans get schooled on the latest news, highlights, and inside information on SportsCenter. And on Secret Celebrity Renovation, stars get hands-on lessons on how to express gratitude.


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TV Trivia The Question Is Which Sat. morning series beat #1 prime time series The Cosby Show in viewership?
The Answer Is A Saved by the BellThe Answer Is B The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show
The Answer Is C Pee-Wee's PlayhouseThe Answer Is D Garfield and Friends

Just a Reminder That We've Upgraded our Billing System

As you probably already know, we recently upgraded our billing system. You will notice a new look and feel for your monthly billing statement as well as a new online payment system. With our new system, we now have the ability to offer our customers more control over their account, better communication and efficiencies in our billing processes. We are most excited by SmartHub, our new online account management tool. With SmartHub, you can manage your account, view and pay your bill, report service issues, receive customized alerts and more.

Important Information:
  • For a detailed explanation of your bill, visit our Understanding Your Bill page.
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  • If you received a paperless bill in our prior system, you will need to setup a new SmartHub account to re-enroll in E-Billing.
  • To Login or Create your SmartHub Account, please visit www.wcvt.com/my-account. You can also make a one-time payment on your account (no registration is required).
Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help!
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Worst Cooks in America - WATCH NOW Worst Cooks in America is
Food Network's Boot Camp

Are you a bad cook? Anybody can make this fancy dinner and cook perfectly crispy bacon like a pro. Check out other Worst Cooks in America recipes and apply to be on the show.

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ESPN's SportsCenter - WATCH NOW ESPN's SportsCenter Explores Every Part of the Sports World
Watch soccer star Lionel Messi's top Leagues Cup moments. Chuckle through a funny SportsCenter commercial. Be inspired by a cancer patient who becomes a Buffalo Bill for the day.

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