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September kicks off the season of changing leaves (and changing variety in TV programming). Watch feelings of love change on The Bachelorette and see what changes for the characters on the series finale of Better Call Saul. Want to change what you serve for dinner? Check out the new Food Network show called Big Bad Budget Battle. You'll also enjoy the changing guest stars on the game show Password.

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TV Trivia The Question Is How did Carol Burnett send her grandma a message?
The Answer Is A wink her eyeThe Answer Is B wave
The Answer Is C twirl her hairThe Answer Is D tug her ear
Sun outage

Sun Interference in October Can Cause TV Signal Disturbances

Beginning in early October and continuing through the middle of the month, disturbances to TV signal reception may occur when the sun passes directly behind a satellite. This usually lasts only a few minutes and is a natural phenomenon that affects both satellite and cable company reception.
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The Bachelorette - WATCH NOW ABC's The Bachelorette is in
Season 19 of Dating Journeys

Meet the cast of The Bachelorette, which includes two fan-favorite women looking for Mr. Right. Go behind the scenes of the show and fall in love with clips from recent episodes.

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Better Call Saul Ends on A&E SEE THE FINAL TWISTS AND TURNS here Copyright © 2010-2022 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Big Bad Budget Battle - WATCH NOW Food Network Launches New
Big Bad Budget Battle Series

Learn how to save time and money when cooking. Check out the best 16-minute meals from host Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) plus her favorite winning recipes for game day.

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NBC Starts New Chapter of Iconic Password Game Show WATCH JIMMY FALLON AND OTHERS here ©2022 NBCUniversal Media, LLC
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