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The flowers are finally in bloom and your TV lineup is looking fresh as a daisy! Bravo's new Best Room Wins will show you how to create luxury on a budget. The hunt is on for the next great songwriter on NBC's Songland, while Beat Shazam contestants battle it out to name that song. The country's top bakers are back to vie for the Best Baker in America title, and if baked goods aren't your thing, check out the original Big Mac ad from McDonald's.

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TV Trivia The Question Is Who is the Oldest Golden Girl?
The Answer Is A Bea ArthurThe Answer Is B Betty White
The Answer Is C Rue McClanahanThe Answer Is D Estelle Getty
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Original Big Mac Recipe Revealed in Vintage Ad CAN YOU SING THE BIG MAC SONG? © 2018 McDonald's
Best Baker in America WATCH NOW All You "Knead" is Love on
Best Baker in America

Think making homemade bread is hard? Food Network is here to help. Even a novice baker can serve up fresh rolls and loaves with these Best Baker-inspired recipes. If you have more of a sweet tooth, check out Jason's go-to tart recipe, or these mouth-watering cakes.

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Songwriters Follow Their Dreams on NBC's Songland MEET THE NEXT HITMAKER © 2019 NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Best Room Wins WATCH NOW Home Décor Gets a Makeover
on Bravo's Best Room Wins

You don't need a fortune to make your room look like a million bucks. See how designers create luxury looks on a budget, and find out where you should save or splurge—without making these mistakes! And check out these before-and-after bedroom redesigns for inspiration.

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Contestants Race to Name That Song on Beat Shazam SEE WHO BEATS THE APP ™ and © 2019 Fox Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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