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It's back-to-school season, celebrated memorably in this Staples commercial. Homework and after-school activities are ramping up, and summer is winding down. Relax with fun TV programming like Treehouse Masters with grown-up tree forts. Chopped chefs get creative with food, and the mother-daughter team on Good Bones gets creative with home renovations. Magicians reveal their skills on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.
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Treehouse Masters Create Grown-up Hideouts AIM HIGH ON ANIMAL PLANET
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Merry Back-to-School Staples Commercial RELIVE THE FUN AND REJOICE
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Watch Chopped Chopped Chefs Learn Creative
Cooking on Food Network

Chefs turn mystery ingredients into delectable meals on this long-running Food Network show. Watch clips of when things went wrong. Vote on which ingredient you think is the most impossible. Learn how to make your own culinary delights from leftover summer foods.

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Good Bones Urban Remodels are a Family
Affair on HGTV's Good Bones

This mother-and-daughter team are revitalizing Indianapolis one renovation at a time. Watch behind the scenes as they turn run-down homes into real estate masterpieces. Catch Karen and Mina's top flipping tips, and check out a tour of Karen s home.

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