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August E-Newsletter

We think you'll find the information contained in this newsletter to be a valuable tool for enhancing your Internet experience. As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Please send your thoughts, comments or questions to

The Green Mountain Access Team
~ Adam, Amanda, Eric, Jess, Kris, Phil, Richard, Seth and Scott

Company News

Win Tickets To The Addison County Fair And Field Days

Fair TicketsEach month, we raffle off a prize from a local business, so be sure to enter your name every month for your chance to win. This month we have another great prize for you, we will be raffling off several pairs of tickets to the Addison County Fair and Field Days! The drawing will take place on August 2.

Click here to enter for your chance to win tickets to the Addison County Fair and Field Days.

Be sure to stop our booth at the Addison County Fair and Field Days to say hi and learn more about our Whole Home Wi-Fi solutions. The Addison county Fair and Field Days runs Tuesday, August 6th through Saturday, August 10th. Hope to see you at the Fair! For more information on the Addison County Fair and Field Days, visit:


Don't Get Hooked By Phishing Scams

Just about every day, our Technical Support team hears from customers concerned about whether or not emails are legitimate. Phishing emails are typically fraudulent emails that are purposely designed to look like they are coming from legitimate businesses which can make them harder to spot. Remember, Green Mountain Access will never send an email asking for you to verify your account information or asking for your password. If you ever are in doubt about the legitimacy of an email, just give us a call. For your convenience, we've put together the following tips to help you determine whether or not an email is legitimate. You can view the full size PDF here: And remember, the safest thing to do with a suspected phishing email, is to simply delete it.


Looking To Improve Your Wi-Fi Coverage And Experience? We Have Solutions...


Introducing eeros, our new Whole Home Wi-Fi offering that uses multiple access points and TrueMesh technology to cover every nook and cranny of your home in powerful and reliable Wi-Fi. With the eero app, you can set up your system in under 10 minutes. Start by plugging an eero directly into your modem, then the app will walk you through placing additional eero Beacons in your living room, bedrooms, kitchen, hallways, and more to bring Wi-Fi to every inch of your home. If your residence requires a more advanced set up, please ask about our professional, turn-key installation option.

Why eeros?

  • Better Coverage - Whole Home Wi-Fi improves coverage throughout your home using multiple access points to improve coverage and eliminate dead-spots.
  • Parental Controls - With the eero app in hand, you can see what’s happening on your network, set parental controls, check device usage, share your network with friends, or even pause the internet.
  • Easy Self Installation - The eero setup process is quick and simple. Once your Home Wi-Fi System is up and running, eero takes care of its own troubleshooting and updates. No more manual router resetting.
  • How Much Does It Cost? Our eero Whole Home Wi-Fi solution starts at $10.90* per month for two eero Wi-Fi access points, or $15.95* per month for three eero Wi-Fi access points, which cover most installations. You can also choose to purchase your eero package from us.

At Green Mountain Access, we offer a full range of residential and business class Wi-Fi solutions from leading manufacturers including AirTies, Eero, Ubiquiti and Ruckus. Our Whole Home Wi-Fi uses multiple Access Points placed at strategic locations around your home to expand coverage, eliminating dead spots, and providing great performance for all of your streaming devices.

Want To Learn More?
For more information, watch our video below or visit to learn more about our Whole Home Wi-Fi or business Wi-Fi solutions. You can also give us a call at 800-496-3391 or send us an email and we'd be happy to discuss our solutions with you.

eero video

*Whole Home Wi-Fi equipment requires Green Mountain Access high-speed Internet service and a modem/router.

WCVT In The Community

WCVT Helps Our Community Cares Camp in Richmond

Team WCVT had another great day volunteering with Our Community Cares Camp, Inc. (OCCC) in Richmond. OCCC is an amazing day camp for children from Bolton, Huntington, Richmond, Jericho and Underhill, providing food and fun for the month of July. For more information, visit

Our Community Cares Camp

dig safe

Community Events

Addison County Fair And Field Days | August 6 - 10 | New Haven

Don't miss Vermont's largest agricultural fair in New Haven. Children's barnyard, cattle judging, tractor pulls, rides, crafts, exhibits, live entertainment, pony and ox pulling, midway, parade, youth activities, and Vermont products dinner. For more information, visit or visit them on Facebook at

Summer Concerts In The Park | Wednesdays | Hinesburg

Every year the Hinesburg Recreation Department presents the Summer Concerts in the Park music series. Concerts are held Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. throughout July and early August at the gazebo behind the Hinesburg Community School in Wainer Park. Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom is proud to be a sponsor of the Hinesburg Concerts In The Park.

  • July 31 – Loose Ends
  • August 7 – Hinesburg Community Band

Movies In The Park After Dark| Thursday Evenings On The Green| Bristol

The Bristol Recreation Department is once again showing classic films on a theatre sized screen on the Bristol Green – a drive-in experience without the driving! Free and suitable for all ages. Bring a blanket and your bug spray. Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom is proud to be a sponsor of Movies In The Park.

  • August 1 – Inside Out
  • August 8 - Wizard of Oz

For more information, contact the Bristol Recreation Department at 453-5885 or

Tutorial / FAQ

Stay Alert - Don't Be Fooled By A Fake Package Delivery Scam

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a warning about a new scam that happens in the physical world, but starts online. Here's how it works: You receive a call from someone claiming to be trying to deliver a package to you. Given how frequently many people order items online for home delivery, this lie would be easy to believe. (The scammers have a back-up lie ready to go if you say you haven't ordered anything recently: The package is a gift.) The caller than asks you to verify personal information or give them your credit card number to "reschedule the delivery."

This communication may also be in the form of an email message in which you're asked to click a link "to track your package," though the link actually activates the installation of malware on your computer. This malware can also be used by the scammer to gain your personal information.

Once the scammers have your private data, they find ways to use it to steal your money or your identity. Here's how to stay safe:

~ Know how deliveries actually work. If a delivery person is unable to deliver a package to you, the typical next step is to leave a note on your door. You may also receive an email from the entity from which you ordered.

If possible, know which company will be delivering your package and know how they operate. For example, UPS has posted a statement</A> letting customers know what to expect.

~ Track your packages. Know when each real package is supposed to arrive, so you'll be harder to fool if a scammer does contact you.

~ Never offer your personal information to someone contacting you out of the blue. No matter how friendly the caller may seem, it's always safest to hang up the phone and contact the customer service number for the entity from which you ordered.

~ Never click links in emails from unknown senders. Spammers are good at making their email messages look legitimate.

FAQ Short Tutorial / FAQ - I still use Windows 7 and heard that Microsoft is planning to end support for it. What should I do?

Question: I still use Windows 7 and heard that Microsoft is planning to end support for it. What should I do now?

Answer: You're already doing one thing right, and that's planning ahead.
The next thing you need to do is upgrade to Windows 10. Here's why:
Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015, but extended support will remain in effect until January 14, 2020. After that, you could continue to use the operating system (OS), but you would be doing so at your own risk. Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates for the OS, yet new viruses are being developed all the time. The longer you use an unsupported OS, the greater the chance that your computer will become infected.

Additionally, Microsoft recommends that you purchase a new PC with Windows 10 already installed. If you can afford it, this option offers even greater security.

Sites of the Month

Khan Academy

July 24 is Amelia Earhart Day, and you can celebrate by learning more about this record-setting aviator. She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Her life ended mysteriously as she attempted to become the first pilot to fly all the way around the world.

Good News Network

Get your happy on with 21,000 positive business, health, and life stories from around the globe.

Practical Money Skills

Here you can learn about budgeting, saving, credit, debt, identity theft, the economy, and more.


Must See Videos - A Couple Amazing Videos You Don't Want to Miss

Blooming Before Your Eyes
Need something beautiful to perk up your day? Watch National Geographic's time-lapse film of a series of flowers, each blooming in seconds.

World's Most Treacherous Roads
From a byway with no guardrails on the edge of a cliff to a bridge so high it goes through clouds, these roads are not for the faint of heart.

Video B

Crafty Ideas

Back-To-School Crayon Frame
Make photos of the first day more memorable by giving your kids a colorful homemade sign to show their grade.

Stacked House Number Planter
Put this adorable, easy-to-make planter near your front door to clearly display your address and welcome guests.

Free Featured Apps - These Three are Well Worth the Look


Cut clutter. Scan in your receipts, documents, business cards, and other pieces of paper.


Everything you need to keep track of your favorite movies and TV, or to discover something new.


Upload a photo and convert it to the style of your favorite artist, such as Van Gogh or Picasso.

Cooking Demo

Almost Apple Pie
This Apple Pie Bake recipe is easier than actual apple pie (no crust to
make) and equally delish. Just prep, bake, and enjoy!

Lasagna Party Ring
Seeking a dish to serve at your next party? The Lasagna Party Ring is the grab-and-go version of everyone's favorite food.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

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